About Brides & Bracelets

Margo and Heather

Our flower transformation service started out primarily with those who were wanting to turn funeral flowers into keepsakes of their loved ones. Soon after our original website Memorial Beads launched, we started receiving calls from brides who wanted their wedding bouquets turned into keepsakes, too.   Charlene mentioned this to her daughter, Margo, and her daughter-in-law, Heather.  It sparked a bit of discussion about their own weddings.  They talked in excited voices about how bright and cheerful the sights and sounds were.  Their conversation circled back to Memorial Beads and the bridal requests for bracelets.  Heather, who is a photographer, suggested they do a photo shoot of Margo in her wedding dress, modeling some of our sample keepsake jewelry.  Margo readily agreed, and we set a date for the photo shoot.


Margo Photo Shoot

It was a perfect day for taking pictures, sunny and mild.  Margo’s neighbors heard us laughing, and came out to see what was going on.  We certainly raised a few eyebrows!  Heather had pulled out a ladder and climbed to the top, taking a picture from above Margo as she sat on the grass.  Margo was modeling our Theresa Style Necklace and Chelsea Style Earrings.  We did a lot of laughing and trying to keep her dress contained on the blanket so it didn’t get any grass stains.  It was a beautiful day, we made some great memories, and she wore some beautiful keepsakes.


Heather’s Logo

Heather was saying that ‘Memorial Beads’ sounded like an awfully somber name for a wedding keepsake.  Charlene agreed, but didn’t have any suggestions that would be able to solve the problem.  But a few weeks later, Heather showed her the Brides &  Bracelets name and logo.  It made the perfect statement, and we’ve blended the two sides of memorial keepsakes, to include  happy occasions as well as sad ones.