Beads made from artificially dyed flowers

I was presented with a challenge recently:  a customer had placed an order for a large amount of beads, and when she sent me her flowers, some of them were artificially dyed.  I wasn’t sure how the dye would handle my beadmaking process.  And as I began working with the flowers, it seemed as if my fears would come true:  the dye began bleeding into the clay and blurring the edges of the crushed petals.  I nearly cried!  But I thought… well, I have nothing to lose now in completing one.  I can always tell the customer that I wouldn’t be able to use the dyed ones, and since she had sent me plenty of other flowers, I was confident that we could go to plan B.

But then I glazed the beads.  Oh. My. God.  I absolutely fell in love with the look!  The glaze brought the deeply saturated colors to life, and the beads looked like tiny floral paintings by Degas.  I was thrilled!  So now I’m eager to have customers present artificially dyed flowers, and I can be confident that the uniqueness of the beads will be outstanding.  For comparison, the second picture is one of another part of this same customer’s order, and the flower petals are naturally colored without any added dyes.  The lines of the petal pieces are crisp, in comparison to the dyed ones.  I like them both!

pandora-5      pandora-4

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6 comments on “Beads made from artificially dyed flowers
  1. Heather says:

    from nh- would love to know how to make,

  2. Che says:

    Loved the effect ..look much more distinct 🙂

  3. Monica says:

    Are your beads created with polymer clay or poly resin? I am intrigued as the color of the petals stays so vibrant. Very beautiful work!

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