Memorial Candle Holder

memorial candle holderAbout 5 years ago I started making memorial candle holder designs.  I started them because I’ve always loved candles.  They are such a symbol of warmth, acceptance, and welcome to me.  Walking into a friend’s home and they have candles burning and I smell the aroma– it makes me smile every time.  I know they were preparing for my presence in their home and they wanted me to feel like I belonged, like I was valued.

That sense goes up a notch with candle holders like these, that bear flowers from a significant event or a special someone.  The glow from a candle through the flowered glass and the smell of the scented wax calms my nerves, and I literally feel myself relax.  It’s why I often have candles burning at my own home and in my studio.  It sets a mood, not only for myself but for those who visit. memorial candle holder

This is my newest candle holder, and I wanted to talk about it.  It is in honor of a beloved family member who passed away, and the family etched the word “Love” on the leaf.  They wanted that leaf included in the design.  I was challenged about how best to present it on the candle holder, given the importance of that unique statement.  Then one night it hit me:  Just a simple raffia band around the top of the candle holder, bracing the leaf against the wall of the glass.  That presentation instantly evoked emotion and spoke volumes to me.  It spoke about how strong a bond there is between family members.  That even in this seemingly simple symbol, it made me think of the family being pressed close to the heart of the loved one who passed on, and vice-versa.  As I write this, the emotion is still strong and it brings a mist to my eyes to think of it.

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